The entire concept of HR – finding and retaining talent and managing everyday operations – is in the midst of a transformation so profound that within a matter of a few short years, we’ll hardly recognize the data-overloaded, paper centric, labor intensive practice performed by millions of hard-working professionals. And, let’s be frank: without HR, we have nothing.  No companies. No organizations. No products. No solutions. No talent. No economy. Nothing. So, how do we ensure that this transformation accelerates in ways that generate repeatable win-win scenarios for both your company and your employees?

Enter: The Cognitive Era.

The future we’ve all dreamed of is already happening all around us. Now is the time where powerful, available technology delivers on the promise of more efficient and precise outcomes, allowing organizations to become more innovative, agile, and gain competitive advantage through HR Analytics.  And, now more than ever, organizations are proactively recognizing this shift, and they are examining, testing, and realizing how cognitive solutions are leveraged in this exciting new HR era. Most of all, they’re learning that this trend totally redefines employees’ experience at work.

Enter: Globoforce Workhuman.

This is the HR conference of the Human Decade. In just a few weeks, May 30-June 1 at the JW Marriott in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools you need to unlock the energy of your workforce, increase engagement, and help your company achieve its full business potential. While you’re there, we hope you’ll join Jay Dorio, Director of Employee Voice and Assessment at IBM, and Jenna Shapiro, Ph.D., Senior Consultant at IBM, for their talk on “Employee Experience in the Cognitive Era.”

In this energetic and informative session, Jay and Jenna will discuss results from a major, global research study on the ideal employee experience at work and how organizations can start to shift toward active listening techniques to help achieve business goals. Sharing a real life example, they will demonstrate how cognitive computing capabilities helped one IBM client best leverage recognition data to improve the employee engagement.  Here is what you will learn:

  • Discover the ideal employee experience in today’s workplace and how organizations can drive more positive, human experiences to impact key business outcomes.
  • Learn how Employee Voice is enabling organizations to stay more active in ongoing conversations with employees to help leaders achieve business goals.
  • Gain deeper insight in how cognitive computing can empower HR professionals to make meaningful data driven decisions and how Watson Talent Insights is helping clients best leverage recognition data to improve employee engagement.

The time has come and your calling is now. As HR shifts from a role to a science, we hope you’ll join us, and 2,000 of your peers, in May as we work to share the steps you need to take on your journey to drive the strategy of tomorrow through better talent management today. Register at the Globoforce Workhuman site to join us May 30-June 1 at the JW Marriott in Phoenix!

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