Reiss Motivation Profile – Who Am I?

Like a fingerprint, each human being has his individual motivation profile that shows information on the expression of the 16 basic desires. 

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is a concrete, detailed image of a person’s individual basic desires, motives, and values. When you know your own basic desires, it is possible to develop true value-based happiness and improve your performance in many areas of life.

Psychologist,  Steven Reiss PhD,  did a large empirical research with thousands of people in 1995-1998. His team discovered that humans are driven by 16 vital needs and values. They are our basic desires and life motives defining our needs and what we value.

Some of those motives include:

  • Acceptance, the desire to avoid failure and criticism.
  • Curiosity, the desire for understanding.
  • Eating, the desire for food.
  • Family, the desire to raise children and to spend time with siblings.
  • Honor, The desire to be loyal to one’s parents and moral values and principles.
  • and more…

Nearly all scholars – including psychoanalyst  Sigmund Freud  and behaviorist  Clark Hull  – have defined motivation as psychological energy or drive.

Steven Reiss defines motivation as the assertion of core values:

“We are species motivated to assert our core values. Your core values motivate your deepest desires.”

Here are the key aspects of this new motivation theory:

  • Basic desires predict behavior in natural environments.
  • Motivation is about our deeply held values.
  • Motivation is highly multifaceted.
  • Basic desires are about intrinsically valued goals and satiating intensity.
  • Each of the sixteen basic desires can be considered as a continuum of motivation.
  • A point on this continuum shows the intensity of motivation.


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