Business Coaching

All great leaders need a trusted adviser, whether they are tackling a new assignment, implementing a major change initiative, or searching for a personal or professional breakthrough.

This programme offers a confidential partnership — one in which both sides work to reach an agreed-upon destination. The aim of the partnership is to bring about sustained behavioral change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life.

”We could all use a little coaching. When you’re playing the game, it is hard to think of everything.”  Jim Rohn

Using Positive Psychology, we enable our clients to identify their strengths and virtues, fulfill their vision and thrive in the workplace. This approach is proven highly effective, energizing and exciting.

Whether clients choose our coaching intensive or annual programme, we work with them towards a clear, jointly valued end goal, which is ever evolving within the context of a flourishing human being, enjoying positive wellbeing and meaningful work.

Our role is simply to empower the client to expand their thought-action repertoire, enabling them to build their social, psychological and physical resources in dealing with the issues facing them. We use goal setting to create the necessary positive emotion and energy. It builds an organic momentum for clients to generate ideas and strategies to overcome challenges, develop fresh thinking and expand their perspective.

In short, we will challenge our clients.

We expect them to carry out agreed actions after each session to achieve pre-set goals.

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