Crucial Skills Training

Achieve a High-Performance Culture

Building a high-performance culture is top of mind for organizations universally. From increasing engagement and developing leadership to improving retention and accelerating innovation, this focus on human capital is driving organizations to rethink the way work gets done.

Researches show that high-performance cultures are cultivated by employees who effectively dialogue around high-stakes topics, hold others accountable, and remove barriers to change.

Success Programme delivers a VitalSmarts’ training to develop these skills.

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Leadership Training

Performance, Safety and Quality (PSQI)

As the PSQI name indicates, in all our leadership trainings, we focus on the aspects of Performance, Safety and Quality.

  1. Performance. We believe that behavior translates into performance, safety performance, quality performance and of course, productivity. Within that framework, we help your leaders capitalize on behavior that generates those five vital qualities.
  2. Safety. Leadership means different things to different people, but working safe should be a vital part of all leadership. Safety in one industry does not necessarily means the same in another. For us, it means motivating people to do their job right.
  3. Quality. We define much the same way as safety. It relates to the processes inside the company and to the degree, we follow these and control our output.

Very often, these three dimensions of leadership are dealt with individually.

We believe that to create leaders who can inspire and motivate people to do the job right on all aspects, it must be dealt with inside that same framework, called Leadership.

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Motivation Training

Psychologist, Steven Reiss, PhD, did a large empirical research with thousands of people from 1995-1998. His team discovered that humans are driven by 16 vital needs and values. They are our basic desires and life motives defining our needs and what we value.

Here are the key aspects of this new motivation theory:

  • Basic desires predict behavior in natural environments.
  • Motivation is about our deeply held values.
  • Motivation is highly multifaceted.
  • Basic desires are about intrinsically valued goals and satiating intensity.
  • Each of the sixteen basic desires can be considered as a continuum of motivation.
  • A point on this continuum shows the intensity of motivation.

Understanding your own motives and your team member’s motives can change your approach to leadership fundamentally.

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Employee Engagement Training

Supercharge Your Team

Today’s workforce faces daunting challenges to cut costs, improve quality, increase production, and develop new products and services at an increasingly faster speed.

While some companies struggle or fail, others are able to cope with the increasing demands. Only those who know how to do it right thrive in today’s fast-changing environment.  
Winning organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize the value of their human capital.

Successful leaders know just how to engage the hearts, hands, and minds of their employees to do their very best work. Employees that are committed, competent, and engaged are a most valuable asset in today’s business world.  
This workshop offers a proven process for engaging the employees in your organization. Participants will be able to implement the engagement process for improved results.

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