Objectives Of The Program

Getting to know the “Reiss Motivation Profile” tool and the transfer of know-how in terms of its practical recruitment application. Participants will receive a certificate that entitles them to apply Reiss Motivation Profiles.

For Whom?

For HR professionals, trainers, coaches, consultants, managers, psychologists, personality developers and anyone interested in the topic of motivation.

Before We Start

Before the training, each participant will receive an individual RMP. The profile is explained by an RMP master.

Training Topics

  • Professor Steven Reiss’s theory of 16 life motives, research, and theoretical methods
  • Reiss Motivation Profile: analysis, examples, applications
  • Practical application of the Reiss Profile in Motivation Coaching (case study)
  • Practical application of the Reiss Profile in Business: leading by motivation, recruitment, marketing (case study)
  • Introduction to the online platform, the portal for the Reiss Profile Master


Workshops, case studies, interview coaching, discussions, presentations of participants.


  • Access to the RMP platform
  • Annual membership in the World Society of Motivation Scientists and Professionals
  • Support materials for working with RMP
  • Support after the training in professional practice


  • You will become an RMP master and  receive a certificate that entitles you to use and work with RMP in Turkey
  • You will be able to use RMP Test in your recruitment processes
  • Learn new skills and expand your range to an internationally recognized instrument whose credibility and reliability has been confirmed by scientific research and international recognition
  • Learn about a new tool for professional coaching work in the field of motivation
  • Become a member of an international community that deals with the topic of motivation
  • Get the chance to be one of the first users of the methodology in Turkey
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